Benefits for the Investors

SMC is a project designed to give great benefits to all owners of our NFTs:

SMC Pass Benefits

  • Dividend Distribution Access
  • Exclusive Discord Section
  • Metabot rewards Multiplier

  • Discounts in SMCity
  • Commercial Previews
Additional benefit: Before the opening of Metabots sales, after a snapshot, an airdrop of a Metabot will be made for each pass held in one's wallet.

Metabot Benefits

  • Possibility to stake them, thats the only way to generate new tokens and increase their supply;
  • Request the 3D version in VOX to use them as an avatar (one of the first utilities of the token);
  • Use them in future game missions and receive extra rewards;
  • Access to dividends.

Dividend Distribution

We want SMC to treat its investors as real owners so, in addition to the rewards generated by the stake, we will also share the future profits generated within the city with all the owners, more precisely:
  • 40% To pass owners
  • 20% To metabots owners
  • 20% DAO wallet
  • 20% Founders
The owners of our NFTs will benefit enormously from the growth of SMC as 80% of the earnings go to our community.