The SMC Pass

The SMC pass offers great advantages to the owners who will benefit of interesting promotion, discounts, gifts. In addition to giving the owners the possibility to bring their business to the city, The pass includes:
  • Access to an exclusive Discord section;
  • Updates with commercial previews;
  • Advantageous rates within the city;
  • Increase in general rewards from the Metabots stake.
We will also take a snapshot before the metabots launch, and we will drop one for free for each pass owned, if at the time of the snapshot the wallet possess for example 3 passes, it will receive 3 metabots for free.

The Metabots

Metabots are the main collection of our project.
Through the stake of the Metabots, users will be able to generate the smc token, thanks to it, they will have the opportunity to benefit of many advantages and discounted rates for all the services that SMC and its partners offer to the community. The utility will grow significantly and the price of our NFTs will be destined to grow over time.
The possession of our nft, in addition to guaranteeing the owners a part of the project profits, will give the right to vote for important future choices, thus making the community an integral part of the project.


The only way to generate the main token will be through the staking of the NFTs, and by doing so we’ll prevent them from losing their value.
All the transactions that will take place inside SuccessMetaCity will be able to be completed also by using the native coin of the chain which will host our project, but if done using SMC’s token we will guarantee the user very significant advantages, making it the main coin used inside the project, growing its value in time and allowing meta-bots‘ owners to supply it to the customers of the city.

DAO Wallet

A portion of the earnings will be distributed to our users in the form of SMC token.
Part of the revenue will be destined to the DAO wallet, with whom we will acquire lots in the most used metaverses, and bluechip NFTs of other projects operating in the meta-verse sphere.


The first districts we will build are "Self development" and "Business”.


Inside Self development there will be places where to train such as classrooms dedicated to studying, or spaces to practice what you studied. Thanks to virtual reality we will be able to re-create immersive environments where to train, study, and think therefore accelerate immensely the learning process.


In the business district you’ll be able to find numerous trainings and services, all aimed at and capable of incrementing one’s productivity, also optimizing timing. We will also create a training specifically thought for those that are starting from zero, and have no experience in the world of business.

Other Districts

We will also open a finance dedicated district.
At first it will be a place where to manage our token, and that we will subsequently transform into the Wall Street of the meta-verse: a multichain space where to interact with the best DeFi services in a new and totally immersive reality.